Would you like to learn guitar, songwriting and making music your way but don’t want to follow the usual route?

I offer a mentoring program for motivated muscians and specifically, guitarists and or singer songwriters who are interested in writing their own material, performing, and perhaps recording and releasing. Any pop genre. Any age. Any stage. You may be interested in navigating the world of music as a career or you just want to explore your creativity. Whatever your goals we can work towards them together at my studio in Hampshire and also in a live setting. All aprt of your joureny to being a better musician. Realise your potential. 

I studied with Berklee Online and have over 30 years of experience to impart. Being a great musician and having cinfidence in your ability isn’t just about poutting int he hours of poaract —although that is essential — its alos about finding your voice and knowing who you are a what you want to say with that voice. So, I take a hollistic approach to you the indivdual and we put together a plan that is designed to allow you to thrive and develop without judge,ent or limitation. I think we can all get very distracted with what doesn’t serve our purpose. Out here in the quiet of the coutnryside at my studio we can focus on you. I am not a classic music tutor. There are plenty of those on youtube already. I am a faciliator. 

So, if you are serious about your love for music and want to stand out then give me a shout and lets begin with a free online chat to see if its a fit. After my fees start at £50 per session. 

Some of what you expect from time with me:

 guitar technique, theory and pro tips and tricks
 electric, acoustic and bass guitar 
 how to play and sing well
 singing technique and strengthening 
 collaborating and playing with a band
 songwriting - lyrics and music
 tracking and recording in a studio
 sparking your creativity with logic pro
 the business of music