my name is dom paul jr. i was born in london. i’m now living in the quiet of the hampshire countryside where i have a studio. in the past i’ve lived and made music in australia. south east asia, usa and until recently the netherlands. i am a father, a husband, a human being and a compulsive storyteller.

i first picked up the guitar in my late teens because i needed a creative outlet. i was drawn to music and film. i joined my first band when i was 19 and signed to a management company. i continued my music career as a guitar player in various bands until i started writing songs of my own and eventually singing them. recently i have moved into producing and working with new artists and bands.

musically i like to keep my options open. over the years i have mainly focussed on guitar based music however i’ve also worked with hip hop and electronic music producers. it’s all about that special sauce and the quality of songs.

back in 2022 i became gravely ill and nearly died. my recovery has been slow but sure. as a result i stepped back from live performing and travelling instead choosing to focus on my studio work. later this year 2024 i plan to release the new material that has come out of what has been a reflective and creative time. i will start playing live again too.

if you’d like to work with me then please email me directly with your ideas.