Hi, and welcome to my website. First of all, in case you are wondering, Nutopia is a conceptual country founded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono back in the day. Check it out here.  

John is huge influence on me and my music.  

I am a professional musician who began in the 90s playing guitar for various bands. Mostly pop rock and blues. Some fo the bands did pretty well as I recall. Later I started singing and writing more naturally drifting towards work as a songwriter. More recently I’ve gravitated towards producing and have a studio in Hampshire where I live with my family. This is where I spend most of my time. I make ‘pop’ular music of various genre and don’t like to pigeon hole myself. My style is my own and I am self taught. I work with others and release my own music as an artist, For a while back in the 2000s i was courted by EMI publishing and have been connected to other labels. Nowadays I am fully independent and release through my distribution company AWAL.  

In 2024 I will be releasing new material and some back catalogue.  Here’s a sneak preview of an upcoming single entitled Dance Like You Want To - LISTEN

Alongside my songwriting and production work I have blues project or collective called ‘Bluesonuats’. The blues is where it all started for me and I love playing classic and rockin blues live with other great musician friends. You can check out a video example here.  

Otherwise find me via the links below and see you round the clubs.