Dom Paul Jr.

Hello, welcome. Here’s my story

In 2022 I had a near death experience. It shook me to the core and lead me to evaluate what is most important to me in my life. As I approach 50 years on this planet I feel more alive and creative than I have ever done. After my family, music is and always has been the constant inspiration and motivation that keeps me engaged and sane. At the heart of my music is songwriting and storytelling. I write pretty much everyday and it is my way of making sense of it all. I enjoy the craft of songwriting and storytelling I recently dedicated myself to it.  

I work out of an intimate studio hidden away in the quiet of the Hampshire countryside and it is set up for songwriting and production. It is where the sparks of a song catch alight and develop into the finished article. I am open to collaborations with fellow songwriters and artists who wish to get away from it all and let the creatuve juices flow inhibited by dustraction and noise. If you like the sound of that then reach out via email. I’m all ears.

This coming year I’ll be releasing a bunch of new songs, playing live solo and with my blues quartet and generally feeling happy to be alive and making music. In the immortal words of the great George Harrison, ‘see you round the clubs’